About Us

Pia Virginia Fortmüller & Lars Busch

Horses have always been a part of Pia’s life as her mother is a passionate horsewomen herself. Growing up Pia did everything from competitive trial riding, 4-H, jumping, and eventing. But dressage was the sport that has captivated her.

It was a childhood dream come true for her to first represent Canada first as Junior with “Alascan” a family bred horse and trained by her mother. Then during her Young Rider years Pia won double gold at NAJYRC with “Donagna” who was also family bred and trained by Pia herself.

After university Pia lived and trained in Germany for 8 years, where she trained with German Olympic medalist Heike Kemmer. Pia also got to train with German Team trainer Jonny Hilberath and German Young Horse Trainer Hans Heinrich Meyer Zu Strohen. During that time she made it as far as the senior team at the 2012 Olympics with another very special horse by the name of “Orion”.

Most recently Pia represented Canada in 2016 at the World Young Horse Championships with her current mount “Frieda”.

In 2017 Pia and her boyfriend Lars moved from Germany back to Canada and together they run a training business “Dancing Feet Dressage” and have many talented young horses which Pia is brining up the levels.

Lars was born and raised in Germany. Since the age of 14 he has been working as a farrier. After he finished school he moved to northern Germany were he completed his farrier license at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover.

At the age of 22 his started his own company and successfully ran this company for almost 20 years shoeing for many of the top Dressage, Jumping and Eventing barns in Europe.

When Pia and Lars decided to move to Canada in 2017 Lars shut down his German based company and now continues to shoe top sport horses through their company Dancing Feet Dressage.


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