Training Facility

Dancing Feet Dressage calls the beautiful Foothills of Alberta home. Near the town of Priddis, Lars and Pia run their business out of the beautiful barn built by Pia’s mother, Dagmar Fortmuller.

Pia believes strongly in the importance of cross training, and the gorgeous foothills of the Rockies give an abundance of trial riding opportunities. Pia also loves using the hills around the property for strength and condition building.

As Pia’s mother and sister, Jade Fowler are both passionate jumpers, there are also many Cavalettes and poles available as they are another favourite tool for coordination training for the horses.

The facility has top of the line GT footing both in the 20×60 indoor and outdoor arena. The indoor is equipped with mirrors.

All of our horses go out in turn out, large grass filled pastures are available for group turn out and for the older competition horses we have individual paddocks.